Commemorating Prince Kamal el Din’s expedition to Gilf Kebir
In the Footsteps of the Prince
14 MARCH TO 26 MARCH 2014

The event is hosted under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism to promote Eco-tourism in remote places. After the launch of the Hollywood film “The English Patient” that won nine Oscars, this remote part of the Egyptian Desert has since seen an increased interest by tourists, scientists, historians as well as simple desert enthusiasts. The promotion and preservation of this desert region is the primary incentive for this event.

The anniversary of the Prince Kamal el Din memorial is the topic under which the event is hosted. The Kamal Expedition Event is one of a kind since such a challenging mission has never been done before. The dates of the event will be between the 14 – 26 March 2014, starting and ending in Cairo. There will be a limited number of guests on this expedition, so priority will be on first come first served basis.
As we have got all the support from the highest figures in the Egyptian government, a large number of institutions and prominent figures, we are delighted to share some of their presentations with our guests throughout the event.

Well-known national and international scientists will take part in this expedition and will share intriguing lectures on relevant topics. Unique original film material will be shown beside highly scientific based topics, making each evening a cultural event on its own.  The event will be covered by experienced international medical care and top local and international media throughout the whole duration.

The event will encompass approximately 75 vehicles travelling across the desert, providing transport and logistics, that would only have been surpassed during World War II.

Following the principles of Eco-tourism, the expedition will be divided into small groups.  Individuals within the groups can decide each day if they want to take part in the evening program or enjoy the quiet silence of the desert.


The opening ceremony will be held at the Egyptian Automobile & Touring Club in Cairo.  Our guests will then fly by charter flight to the New Valley Oases where the real expedition starts. The tour encompasses 13 days of travel across the vast Western Desert, visiting the Gilf Kebir Plateau and Gebel Uweinat “In the footsteps of the Prince”.  On the last day, the closing ceremony will take place at the Mena House Hotel at the foot of the Pyramids and the adventure will be sealed.

Reservation & Booking

Reservations and booking start on June, 2013.

Who We Are

The organizers of the Kamal Expedition are Dabuka New Horizons and a group of desert enthusiasts with extensive experience in desert research and travel. For details of each person, please visit our TEAM.


The Event

The Prince is Kamal El Din Hussain (son of Sultan Hussain) who was heading out into the deep desert with Citroen Kegresse Autochinelles in the years 1923 – 1926.  Massive camel caravans of up to 500 animals were carrying his fuel supply as the logistical backbone of his ventures. He was the one who found and named the Gilf Kebir Plateau.

A memorial plaque was laid down by Count Lazlo Almasy – better known as – The English Patient. This plaque was placed in honour of the Prince at the southern tip of the Gilf Kebir Plateau in 1933 after his death. The Hollywood film “The English Patient”, won nine Oscars in 1996. The Prince was the first to introduce the automobile into deep desert explorations.

After 1 year of the construction of the memorial Almasy returned with tourists to revisit the site. That expedition was sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club of Egypt which was represented by Prince Muhammed Abdel Moneim and by the Ahram Newspaper represented by Hassan Sobhi.


Who is the Prince?

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