80 Years Commemorating Prince Kamal el Din’s expedition to Gilf Kebir
In the Footsteps of the Prince
15 MARCH TO 27 MARCH 2013

A. General


  1. Safety

  2. We are well connected and will inform you directly about any problems.


  4. Health

  5. You do not need any special vaccinations, but for your own safety just make sure, that your tetanus-vaccination is still valid. Your personal first aid-kit should include aspirin or similar, band aids, diarrhea tablets, eye ointment. Drinking water is only mineral water!

  6. You have to have a travel health insurance and a trip cancellation insurance to book in your home country! In case of an accident we bring you to Cairo – from there your insurance should cover your way to any hospital or to your home country. We recommend a health check before you are leaving.


  8. Money

  9. Egypts currency is LE. You get them with Visa- and Mastercard (or cash) in Cairo and all other big cities. ATM-machines are already at the airport – but you can change money also at the hotel. Be aware that not all ATM-Machines accept all credit cards or might be out of order. Until now it seems that HSBC – Bank is best prepared. Rates are changing quick at the moment – we will advise you again about best possibilities before your arrival. Please check your personal limit with your banc! You need some cash for tips, taxis and personal belongings (around 50 Euro or equal during the trip).


  11. Documents

  12. You have to have a passport when entering Egypt valid at least 6 month after arrival. We advise you to bring a photocopy. If you arrive by plane you get your entrance visa at the airport before the passport-control (11 Euro or 15 $). Arriving by your own car you need your visa and a carnet de passage in advance as well as your driver's license (please check list Nr 5 for self drive!)..
    Important notice for self-drivers:Please contact us before, because we have to coordinate your entry in Egypt.

  13. International flights

  14. There are a lot of different airlines to go to Cairo. Just check before the luggage-regulations. Egypt Air allows 2 pieces with max. 46 kg – but during the trip you should not have more than 15 kg with you. For media, doctor and self-drive – please contact us for special regulations!


  16. Photography- Technical equipment 

  17. Egypt works with 220 V – please bring international adapters if needed for your equipment. During the trip you will have 2 times the possibility to recharge – journalists will get continuous inverters.


  19. Time-Telephone

  20. Standard time zone UTC-GMT plus 2 hours

  21. Egypt country code 0020- in cairo you can call or be called without any problem- in the desert no network but for emergency caces every group will have a satellite phobe. You will get number just befor depatrue. No cahnge form summertime to wintertime.


  23. Weather

  24. In march and in the desert hot during the day (till 30 degree) – cold at night (bring warm clothes!!!)

B. Course of action

  1. -Fill in your inscription form and send it by mail. Wait for confirmation and final instructions. After confirmation you can book your flight.

  2. -After arriving at the airport proceed to passport control – do not forget to buy your visa. In case that you booked a hotel with airport transfer through us (not included in the price!) a Kamal-team-member is waiting for you in the entrance hall to guide you to your hotel – just look for a Kamal-sign. In any other case just proceed to your hotel. Journalists please contact us for accommodation.

  3. -Attention: Meeting the next morning will be at 8 am. As we have to proceed in time – we will not wait for any latecomer.

  4. -For the main time your trip is camping! So do not forget your sleeping-bag, wet wipes and important personal belongings (see check lists).

  5. -Most important: Sun hat, sun glasses, sun protection, torch and good shoes (only sandals are not enough!).

  6. -Dress code in oases: No shorts or sleeveless tops! Every group has its personal guide who is ready to answer all your questions during the trip.

  7. -Driving time per day 6 to 8 hours. Enough drinking water is available during the whole trip – please bring your own drinking vessel.
    On the last day your trip ends in Cairo with the closing ceremony in Mena House. If you wish an airport transfer just let us know!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


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